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Point5cc.com now providing binders & breast forms to those in need | just pay shipping


Are you in need of breast forms or a binder? Do you have old forms or a binder you no longer need? Point5cc Clothiing, and its amazing founder, Aydian Dowling, have created a means of easily accessing binders and breast forms. Due to the weight of forms, there will be a $10 shipping charge.

Want to know more? Email point5ccclothing@gmail.com 

The vision of Point 5cc Tshirt company, is to take things that only people within our community would understand, and put them on a shirt! Things that one trans or trans friendly individual may understand, and a non supporter would not know about. Allowing YOU to sport your pride and awesome artistic views without being “outed” or discriminated against. Each and every Tshirt sold will make our community stronger by bringing everyone of YOU together to build friendships that will make our family bigger then ever before!