As an interdisciplinary and professionally focused organization, the Gender Expansion Project has made the commitment to work to further the understanding, care, treatment and acceptance of transgender, transsexual, intersex and gender diverse individuals. With an emphasis on the health and well being of these individuals, the Gender Expansion Project continues to work to further the understanding and treatment of gender identity disorders and related gender variant health concerns by professionals in medicine, psychology, law, social work, psychotherapy, family studies, sociology, anthropology, sexology, speech and voice therapy, among other related fields

The Gender Expansion Project Trans* Health Conference is a conference comprised of professionals, community organizers and trans*, intersex, gender diverse and allied individual, gathered together to engage in discussion and education surrounding the trans*, intersex and gender diverse community, and move forward in a progressive moment toward trans* equality and understanding.

Our core planning committee is comprised of dedicated volunteers from a variety of professional fields, who have come together to create a true change for the better lives of those of trans*, intersex and gender diverse identity.