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Resource Program


A key  mission of the Gender Expansion Project is provide comprehensive friendly healthcare and services to those of trans*, intersex and gender diverse identity. We strive to provide resources through our Trans* Resource Guide, through our referral program, and most recently, through our online Trans* / Intersex / Gender Diverse Resource Database.

The Gender Expansion Project Resource Project consists of three key elemens: referrals, direct outreach to trans*, intersex and gender diverse individuals; and provider outreach.

We, as an organization, envision the future of the project bringing together diverse professionals dedicated to developing best practices and supportive policies and programs throughout Montana which promote health, research, education, respect, dignity and equality for transgender, transsexual, intersex and gender diverse people of Montana and beyond.

As an interdisciplinary and professionally focused organization, the Gender Expansion Project will work to further the understanding, care, treatment and acceptance of transgender, transsexual, intersex and gender diverse individuals. With an emphasis on the health and well being of these individuals, the Gender Expansion Project will work to further the understanding and treatment of gender identity disorders and related gender variant health concerns by professionals in medicine, psychology, law, social work, psychotherapy, family studies, sociology, anthropology, sexology, speech and voice therapy, among other related fields

Our resource program serves two major purposes. Firstly, it provides a comprehesive list  of knowledgable and friendly providers to those of transgender, transsexual, intersex and gender diverse identity, while, secondly, providing an outreach aspect for new providers to communicate with knowledgable providers in their areas.

Our resource program is built by those of gender diversity for those of gender diversity. Our dedicated Resource Review team works with individuals in the community and providers alike to rate our resources and to actively update our listing to better provide to those in need.

Why a resource program?

Since the Gender Expansion Project first began in 2008, we began the long task of assessing the needs of those of transgender, transsexual, intersex and gender diverse identity. One of the first needs we identified was the need for comprehensive healthcare, mental healthcare and community programming tailored for these individuals. After assessing the community’s needs, we identified that the issue was not that the resources did not exist, but rather that they were unpromoted, and generally unknown to the community at large. In 2010, the Gender Expansion Project developed our first Trans* Resource Guide, which consisted of professionals throughout the State of Montana. We found that our print guide was in high demeand, and furthermore, began to see individuals approach us for referrals outside of the scope of our guide. Since the publication of our first guide, we always envisioned an online resource database which could effectively reach out to respective communities beyond Montana, and hopefully, one day, could reach out at a national level.

The Gender Expansion Project developed our initial resource program through a direct contact means of communication, however, we quickly found that we did not have the time, nor resources to adequately meet this need, and decided that the formation of a Resource Review team and program would be the best means of meeting the needs of our respective community.

Interested in becoming involved?

The Gender Expansion Project Resource Program is a volunteer run and coordinated program. We are currently seeking dedicated volunteers to assist with direct contact of providers and professionals, social media promotion and web programming to further develop our database.

If you are intersted in getting involved, please contact us at resources@genderexpansionproject.org