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Trans* Health Conference Committee 

As an interdisciplinary and professionally focused organization, the Gender Expansion Project has made the commitment to work to further the understanding, care, treatment and acceptance of transgender, transsexual, intersex and gender diverse individuals. With an emphasis on the health and well being of these individuals, the Gender Expansion Project continues to work to further the understanding and treatment of gender identity disorders and related gender variant health concerns by professionals in medicine, psychology, law, social work, psychotherapy, family studies, sociology, anthropology, sexology, speech and voice therapy, among other related fields

The Gender Expansion Project Trans* Health Conference is a conference comprised of professionals, community organizers and trans*, intersex, gender diverse and allied individual, gathered together to engage in discussion and education surrounding the trans*, intersex and gender diverse community, and move forward in a progressive moment toward trans* equality and understanding.

Our core planning committee is comprised of dedicated volunteers from a variety of professional fields, who have come together to create a true change for the better lives of those of trans*, intersex and gender diverse identity.



Meet Our Committee Leaders



Acton Seibel 

Western Montana Community Center
OutWords Editor

Acton Seibel is a community activist, current board member of the Western Montana Community Center, and content editor of Out Words, western Montana’s LGBTQQI  newspaper. Acton also has thousands of hours under his belt as a dedicated volunteer and out spoken supporter of LGBTQQI rights in his home state of Montana and the world at large.








Bree Stephany Sutherland 

Executive Director, Gender Expansion Project

Bree Sutherland is a Montana native who attended the University of Montana for a degree in Social Work and Psychology, with an emphasis in LGBT studies and gender variance. She was responsible in the co-founding of MontanaTDOR, now known as the Gender Expansion Project, is heavily involved in working with the transgender community throughout the State of Montana, co-chair of the Western Montana Community Center, vice president of the Montana Pride Network and currently serves on the board of Fine Art Missoula art coalition, as well as facilitating the Montana Gender Alliance in Missoula, all in an effort toward a better tomorrow for the entire LGBTQQI Community.

Bree Sutherland has worked alongside organizations like  the Montana State University Queer Straight Alliance, the University of Montana Lambda Alliance, TransMSU, among other organizations.






Lynsey Bourke 

Director of Development, Outreach and Communications
Blue Mountain Clinic

 Raised in Missoula, Lynsey Bourke is a gender analyst, activist and writer. In early 2012, Lynsey returned to Montana to take on the newly created position of Director of Development, Outreach and Communications at Blue Mountain Clinic. As a student of International Studies at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California Lynsey spent a year studying between Ghana and Rwanda. After graduating with a BA, Lynsey moved to Maputo, Mozambique to work in private sector development. Frustrated by the prospect of profiting off the further entrenchment of African peoples by international corporate interests, Lynsey moved to South Africa to attend the University of Cape Town. There, she worked as a qualitative researcher with focus on the 2008 Xenophobic violence, gender mainstreaming within police peacekeeping in African Union Missions, and urban African sexuality. Through this work Lynsey earned an Honours Degree in Gender and Transformation in 2008 and a Masters of Philosophy in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the UCT School of Advanced Legal Studies in 2010.  Lynsey moved to Nairobi, Kenya in 2011 to work for RSC-Africa, a State Department funded program that interviews refugees across Africa for American resettlement. This work took her to crisis zones, refugee camps, and posh urban centers across Africa. When offered the opportunity at Blue Mountain Clinic, Lynsey jumped at the chance to work on reproductive access and gender equality in her own community. She is currently involved in many projects both locally and internationally and enjoys a good whiskey.


Our Committee


Our Committee is comprised of advocates, activists and professionals  who either work directly with individuals of gender diversity, or identify as trans*, intersex, or gender diverse themselves. We are continuing to seek dedicated volunteers interested in joining our ground breaking committee as we continue to move forward toward providing Montana’s first Gender Expansion Project Trans* Health Conference.

Interested in joining our committee? Please contact us at 406-848-1220 or at committee@genderexpansionconference.org. You can also fill out a volunteer application by going here