Transgender Rights

There are large numbers of transgender who are looking for ways to get societal acceptance to live in this society so that they will get the honor just like any other individual. This is the reason why transgender rights have come into play as it helps in providing gender equality to everyone regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. Hence you should know the facts on transgender rights & gender equality so that you will know the rights given to this special group of people who are struggling to gain acceptance and recognition in the society.

What is transgender?

Transgender or Trans is the term used for people whose gender identity varies from that of the sex that has been assigned to them during their birth because they feel that are of the opposite sex trapped in the wrong body. This term has been popular and approved only in the 20Th century when these people are being accepted by the society and they are present in every culture, society and country. These people are looking for gender equality as they feel they should be given equal rights and privilege as given to the rest of the population so that they will not live a life of shame and deprivation.


Facts on Transgender Rights & Gender Equality

There are many people who feel they have been trapped in the wrong body and want a sex change so that they will live a life they want without any kind of shaming. The transgender rights involve the right to work and support to these transgender people regardless of their sex preferences and orientation without the fear of violence or abuse at workplace or educational institution. There should not be any sex based discrimination to any individuals as they should not be differentiated from the rest of the population based on their sexual preferences like being gay, lesbian,
transgender or bi-sexual. They should not become a victim of domestic or sexual violence as they have the right to live a life of dignity and respect.


Gender equality is a subjective term that protects the transgender from every kind of violence, hatred, harassment or systematic discrimination because being a transgender is not a mental illness and they are not committing any sin as they have the right to choose their sexual orientation. There are a large number of transgender who are living across the globe but the actual estimates of these people are not available. There are rights that protect these people from stigma and harassment as they are not sexually predatory, socially deviant and mentally ill as it is a flawed view of the society which needs to be changed over time. The law has passed for anti-transgender violence as they are protected by the law and are give the full freedom to live a life of dignity and respect. They are not barred to get the best healthcare as they will be given equal rights to the healthcare facilities and medical care for their health.